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Polivitamin 100 g

Polivitamin K, particularly chicks, chickens and chicken lack of vitamins is used for prevention and treatment as also addition of vitamin nutrition. It is recommended to give with drinking water. High quality and great care to control of stabilized vitamins have made an exclusive blend of vitamins used in poultry. The formulation which is high concentrated, is readily soluble and dissolved in water. Thus, it can easily be used in various situations. Polivitamin is used continuously or from time to time provides the following benefits:

Polivitamin is in moisture-proof packaging, ensures that the composition of the active ingredients stable during storage. Having high amounts of vitamins, because it allows the use of small doses of the drug is distributed through pipes in drinking water systems does not lead to blockages. In addition, regulating the amount of water and pharmaceutical proportionately use in auto systems.

In Poultry
  • Prevention and treatment of diseases resulting from lack of vitamin,
  • Help the prevention and treatment of the harmful effects of stress factors,
  • Supporting the improvement of clinical and subclinical diseases,
  • Chronic respiratory tract infection (CRD), infectious bronchitis, fowl cholera, typhoid chicken, kolibasillos and salmonella infections, diseases of poultry is limited intake of nutrients and vitamins.

The Composition
Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin K3, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Ca-D-Pantothenate, Niacine, Biotin and Folic acid

Description of Use (purpose, animal species, the amount recommended)

To meet the needs of poultry vitamins, it is used to provide homogeneous mixture that 20 g Polivitamin K in 1 tonne drinking water of poultry.

Type of Packaging

100 g Aluminum foils, 1 kg polyethylene bags and plastic cans of scale 500 g – 1 kg - 20 Kg

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