Çukurova Pharmaceutical
Polivitamin ACK

In Poultry
  • Increase body resistance against infections,
  • Cases of coccidiosis, Gumboro cases, necrotic, hemorrhagic bleeding and intestinal infections, such as Ulcerative Enteritis,
  • Stop bleeding,
  • Characterized bleeding intestinal infections,
  • Repair of epithelial tissue damage in the digestive tract,
  • Accelerating wound improvements,
  • Use in the presence of stress factors,
  • Reproductive performance of the disorders,
  • Removal efficiency decreases is due to vitamin deficiencies,
  • Healthy development and maintenance of high-efficiency,
  • Use in order to eliminate defects of performance quickly.

The Composition
Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K3

Description of Use (purpose, animal species, the amount recommended)
To meet the needs of poultry vitamins, it is used to provide homogeneous mixture that 0,1 kg Polivitamin with complementary for 0,5 kg in 1 tonne poultry drinking water.

Type of Packaging
1 kg polyethylene bags and cans of scale with 50 g or 500 g in 20 Kg plastic jars 1000g is presented.
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