Çukurova Pharmaceutical
Magnesie Calsinee

Antacid - Laxatives–Purgatives


Magnessium oxide

As well as effectivein hyperacidity, constipation and intoxication, in magnesium deficiency (grasstetany) is used as a therapeutic tool.

Description of Use (purpose, animalspecies, the amount recommended)

Calves and foals: 20 - 25 g
Sheeps and goats: 15 - 20 g
Cattles and horse: 50 - 75 g
Cat and dog: 1 - 5 g

Use of animals participating in the amount of 10 times to drink in warm water.Purgative effect is achieved when used in doses 2-3 times above actingant acid and laxative.

Type of Packaging
250 g and 1 kg aluminum bags, and 500 kg jars.

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