Çukurova Pharmaceutical

The Composition
Sodium chlorur, Potassium chlorur, Glysine, Sodium citrate, Calcium chlorur, Sodium acetate, Sodium bicarbonate and Lactose

Description of Use (purpose, animal species, the amount recommended)

Ovalight is used for deficient in minerals caused by various reasons in calf, lamb, foal with animals as young as cats, dogs and poulty.

In poulty; 500 g of Ovalight mixed with 1 tonne of drinking water

In calf, lamb, foal; 500 g of Ovalight mixed with 10 liters of warm water

In cat and dog; 500 g of Ovalight mixed with 50 liters of warm water

Type of Packaging

1kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg unboxed buckets and/or 1 kg of aluminum foils as a boxed

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