Çukurova Pharmaceutical

The Composition
Vitamin A, Vitamin K3, pectine and caoline


Ovastop is used in the treatment of nonbacterial enteritis (diarrhea) in calves, steers, cows, bulls, lamps, sheep, goats, foals, dogs and cats. In bacterial enteritis and bloody diarrhea cases, by coating the intestine membrane, absorbing the bacteria and toxins of the membrane, and retarding the defacation, it provides the reabsorption of water by the intestine, and prevents diarrhea and hemorrhage (bleeding). It is used alone or in combination with an antibacterial substance.

Description of Use (purpose, animal species, the amount recommended)

The directions given in the table below should be followed.

Calf – Steer – Foal: 5,0 g – 10 g

Cow – Bull – Horse: 25 g – 50 g

Lamb – Yean: 2,0 g – 5,0 g

Sheep – Goat: 5,0 g – 10 g

Dog: 0,5 g – 2,0 g

Cat: 0,1 g – 0,5 g

After mixed with water or milk it is given orally twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. The treatment should be proceeded for 2-3 days.

Type of Packaging

Plastic bottles of 50 g – 500 g – 1000 g in a cartboard box.

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