Çukurova Pharmaceutical
Polivitamin BCK

In Poultry

Used for 1-2 days a week in order to avoid negative impacts of stress, Yield losses, gut absorption disorders, metabolic disorders, stroke, especially fatigue, nervous system disorders of laying hens cage, Perozis, feathering disorders, various types of anemia, Training and yield losses, Fatty Liver and Kidney Syndrome, Sudden Death Syndrome.

The Composition
Vitamin C, Vitamin K3, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Ca-D-Pantothenate, Niacine, Biotin and Folic acid

Description of Use (purpose, animal species, the amount recommended)
To meet the needs of poultry vitamins, it is used to provide homogeneous mixture that 0,1 kg Polivitamin with complementary for 0,5 kg in 1 tonne poultry drinking water.

Type of Packaging
1 kg polyethylene bags and cans of scale with 50 g or 500 g in 20 Kg plastic jars 1000g is presented.
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