Çukurova Pharmaceutical

Concentrate for Immersion Emulsion

Ectoparasitic (insecticide, acaricide)

The Composition
Ovatoks is clear yellow concentrate which contains 125 g Amitraz in 1 liter and is emulsified.

Pharmacological Properties

Amitraz is a formamidine acaricide and insecticide group that acts by contact and respiratory. Amitraz increases neuronal activity by interfering with Octopamin receptors in the central nervous system of ectoparasites. So that, it affects abnormal behavior of parasites, leaving the host and finally a resulted in the death. With this feature, it is divided into insecticides group of organophosphate, carbamate and synthetic pyrethroid. It is relatively slow absorption from the skin, and reaches the highest blood level in 24 to 72 hours after applying. Breakthrough takes place through the urine largely and the rate of 55-76% in the first 24 hours.

Toxicological information: class of toxicity WHO (a.i.) III, EC risk Xn (R22), EPA (formulation) for III.Rats; acute oral LD50 650mg/kg, LC50 (6 hours) 65 mg/L, for skin and eye 1600mg/kg.


Ovatoks is used as insecticide and acaricide to control and treatment of ectoparasites, such as lice, ticks, mange and sheep fly in cattles and sheeps.


Tick: Boophilus sp., Rhipicephalus sp., Amblyomma sp., Hyalomma sp., Ixodes sp.
Factors of scabies: Chorioptes sp., Psoroptes sp., Sarcoptes sp. Linognathus sp., Damalinia sp.


Tick: Ixodes sp. Psoroptes sp., Chorioptes sp. Linognathus sp., Damalinia sp.
Sheep fly: Melophagus ovinus

Administration and Dosage

Ovatoks is used in the form of immersion or bath in cattle and sheep.


a) Immersion

The first application: Immersion in water should be prepared each day of use. Immersion container is filled with 500 liters of clean water, and is added to 1 liter OVATOKS. It is mixed well. Cattle, is completely immersed in the bathroom to wet the entire body.

The reinforcement: When the immersion water decreases the volume of 20% of the initial application (500-liter tank falls of 400 liters), the missing portion complete with water which is crafted rate of 500 L of water + 1.5 L OVATOKS. The reinforcement water should include more intensive Ovatoks than the first preparation water.

Medicated water storage in normal environmental conditions (7-10 days):

If the bath water is used then, it is required to activity of medicated water. After completion of the decreased water as described, 5 kg of lime ( at least 80% ) add for each liter of Ovatoks (12,5%) used in the reinforcement water, and are mixed well.

(Example: If the reinforcement water is prepared with rate of 500 liters water+1,5 liters Ovatoks, the lime should be used for 7,5 kg.)

The next reinforcement, you use to 10 kg of lime for 1.5 L OVATOKS.

Immersion water when not in use, every 2 months add 10 kg of lime for 2000 liters of water.

b) Bath

The first application: Bath water should be clean and prepared on the day of treatment. 20 ml OVATOKS of 10 liters of water (500 L / 1 L) obtained by adding the bath water is applied on (spray) top of the animal until the animal is completely wetted.

When prompted the use of the remaining water of bath application without adding more water to the water, sprayed for every 100 cows 150 to 200 ml by adding OVATOKS thoroughly mixed. Bath will continue until the end of medicated water. After finishing this water, if the application will continue, new mixture is prepared as the initial. (500 L of water / 1 L OVATOKS)

The bath water storage: For the preservation of bathing water prepared but not used yet (more than prepared), 2 kg of lime added per 200 L of water and mixed thoroughly. Increasing medicated water must be disposed of at the end of the bath.

7-10 days after the first application of severe scabies and lice infestations should be the latter.


Daldırma: Koyunların tedavisi için daldırma metodu önerilir.

a) Immersion: Recommended immersion method for the treatment of sheep.

The first application: Immersion in water should be prepared each day of use. Immersion water is obtained by adding 1 L of OVATOKS to 250 L of clean water and thoroughly mixing.

When the amount of water immersion is low rate of 20% compared to the initial amount, the missing section is completed with water that was obtained with a mixture of 250 L of water + 1.5 L OVATOKS.

Application is safe for lambs 3-4 months. It could not provide adequate protection for short-haired animals. Therefore, suggested to repeat the 3-4 weeks after application.

Animals in the water for at least 30 sec. allowed to stand, at least once in their heads immersed in water. Tired and thirsty animals must not be immersed and the remaining water of used must be disposed of. All animals in the herd should be applied regardless of the degree affected by parasite.

a) Bath

Bath water should be prepared on the day of treatment. 40 ml of OVATOKS is added to 10 liters of clean water. This mixture is applied on the animal until the animal's entire body is completely wet.

Drug Withdrawal Period Of Residual

During treatment and after the last drug use; The cattle raised for meat must not be sent for 21 days and sheeps must not be sent for 14 days to slaughthering. 2 days after the last drug administration during treatment and in cattle (4 milking) and 1 DAY (2 milking) for sheeps should not be offered for human consumption derived from milk.

Type of Packaging
100 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml White HDPE bottles are presented in a cardboard box.
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