Çukurova Pharmaceutical

Injectable Solution

Veterinary Systemic Antibacterial

The Composition
Tilcova Injectable Solution is light yellow, clear, odorless solution that contains 300 mg Tilmicosin in 1 ml solution.

Pharmacological Properties

Active ingredient of Tilcova Injectable Solution is Tilmicosin. Tilmicosin is an antibiotic in macrolide group which has generally spectrum of gram-positive bacteria. It indicates effect on bacteria by inhibiting protein synthesis as with other macrolide. The peak plasma concentration obtained within 1 h in serum, remains 0.07 mg / mL level for 3 days, after injection of a single dose that is 10 mg / kg body weight to hypodermic. Tilmicosin bactericidal effective concentration in lung tissue is 60 times higher than the plasma concentration of serum, for 3 days protects the tissue level. This feature creates a preference option in the treatment of respiratory tract infections.

Tilmicosin is preferred option in the treatment of the following infections:

Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus agalactia, Pasteurella haemolytica, P. Multocida, Haemophilius somnus, Fusobacterium necrophorum, Mycoplasma dispar, M.bovirhinis ve M.bovoculi.

A small amount of medicament have a biotransformation in liver, becomes the main metabolite of N-desmethyl tilmicos (T1) and the small amount of T2 and T3.

Tilcova Injectable Solution is used in the treatment of especially in cattles and sheeps, Pasteurella haemolytica and respiratory tract infections caused by other suspectible micro-organisms (BRD), and in sheeps mastitis caused by susceptible microorganisms and Chlamydia psittaci aborts.

Administration and Dosage

If not otherwise recommended by veterinarians;

Pharmacological doses: 10mg/kg are injected subcutaneously as a single dose.

Practical doses: 1 ml/30 kg

If the drug is given more than 15 ml, it should be injected in two different regions.

Drug Withdrawal Period Of Residual
During treatment and after the last treatment; should not send to slaughter of grown in beef cattles 60 days and sheeps 42 days. During the 15 days (30 milking) following cessation of drug use and the use, should not be offered for the consumption of milk from the sheep. Obtained from dairy cows should not be used for human consumption. Due to the long duration of purification of drug residues in milk, obtained from the application of sheep milk for human consumption is not recommended.

Type of Packaging
In a cardboard box, 20, 50 and 100 ml amber glass bottles are presented.
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